The Children Play on a Mid-Summers Eve

February 29, 2008
The children play on a mid-summers eve,
with little lights fluttering in the moonlight.
At every blink you hear ooh's and aah's.
Playing outside from dusk till dawn,
waiting for the sun to be gone.
You see the toddlers' smiling faces,
as the glowing Fireflies glide through the mid-night sky.
Every little giggle and every stare,
makes you wonder why they even care.
To bring the memories we once knew,
we say a little prayer.
“Thanking God for the day he made the little light bulbs blink.”
Years pass and summers die,
We think back to when we used to see the children,
with smiling faces and wondering hearts,
trying to catch those little Fireflies in the dark.

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