October 3rd, 2177

August 3, 2011
By BBuller GOLD, Flin Flon, Other
BBuller GOLD, Flin Flon, Other
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I catch glances of faces as I walk down the main drag,
Dark charred remains have been stuffed into bags.
Swinging lamplight’s give signs of what had gone wrong before,
The crickets were silent, under Night's lore.
The trees would soon whisper through their ominous cries,
Death surrounds me, I would find out in time.

Emptiness you see, is quite hard to describe,
Take all that you know and consider it lies.
Light existed here, as hope nothing else,
This town was forgotten, was put on a shelf.
In the largest of homes, not a soul was found,
Bodies were lay here, but as bones upon ground.

A child lay peaceful, covered bones in a bed,
Shutters screamed softly, as her name was said.
These walls I remember, in a life passed,
I try and hold on, the feelings don't last.
My head plays games with emotions of old,
My limbs had gone weak, my body's gone cold...

Blades of grass seemed to have died; covered in ash
Each blade telling its story, of a lighter past.
Day revealed her secrets, that night quietly kept,
Bodies were burned into ground, a dark silhouette.
A dark story lived here, like a face under veil,
Many tried to tell the story, yet all had failed.

Before I had left I had buried the dead
Husbands, wives, daughters, and even old friends.
Could escape a life which ended in fear,
I could let them breathe from a body seared.
With blade in hand, and crude cross I made,
Remember the fallen who couldn't be saved.

Fond memories would vanish as I left town
Such a violent scene, and yet no blood was found.
A man dressed in green, eyes carved from pure black,
Had cold intention as he crossed my path,
He regarded me cold, like a king upon throne,
I examined my hands as my skin turned to bone.

My short visit here was not to see damage done,
Or to console lost friends underneath a dark sun.
My time spent on Earth was not to console,
T'was to look back upon life and faults as a whole.
I shall wander this land, as just dust in the wind,
Assist those we have lost to a darkness confined.

The author's comments:
My vision of one person's life after nuclear fallout. very heavily influenced by the Fallout video-games. I even tried to fit this piece into the same timeline.

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