The Girl In The Boat

July 28, 2011
By whisperofthewind SILVER, Warren, Rhode Island
whisperofthewind SILVER, Warren, Rhode Island
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I can see her sitting there,
Gazing off so lazily.
She doesn’t know what I’ve been thinking-
That I’ve been thinking about her so crazily.

Her dog sits just behind her
With an intense gaze.
Although it’s hard to see them,
I’m trying to manage it through the haze.

She is so beautiful,
Prim and proper too.
What an amazing sight:
Her and the sky so blue.

I never would have though
I’d be in love like this.
And in reality it all started
When, one night, I snuck a kiss.

But now she’s off to be married
To some foreign, rich man.
He is probably tall and strong
With a gorgeous, authentic tan.

I peek out from behind the trees,
Just a timid shadow.
The way that she just is
Makes me wish I were more than just a lad-oh…

The flowers placed in front of her
Are of course from me.
I searched and searched
And finally got them from a tree.

Her hair is flowing so prettily
And her eyes are just so brown.
As I hide and watch her,
I think of how I never want her to frown.

Her dress if so magnificent
Compared to my ripped, torn clothes.
I cannot bare the thought
That I might be no one that she knows.

A stolen kiss in the dead of night-
It mattered so much to me.
But what if she’s forgotten
All about that night and the flowers and the kiss- oh gee…

The engagement ring upon her finger
Is more than I could ever afford.
Why are so people so lucky in life
While others are so sored?

I jump into the water
On a sudden whim.
Thank God she isn’t too far away
And that I know how to swim.

I come up to her boat
And climb aboard the side.
She sees me and a smile comes from within her-
If I could, I would have cried.

She says my name in the softest voice,
That sounds so sweet and lyrical.
I take her face in my hands
And marvel at how it’s so spherical.

With a long kiss and a shouted “I love you!”
I am gone forever once more.
I disappear under the water
And see my love looking for me at the shore.

Once I’m in the cover of the trees,
I dare another glance.
After a captivating moment,
I am in a trance.

I can see her on her boat,
Gazing off so lazily.
She doesn’t know what I’ve been thinking-
That I’ve been thinking about her so crazily.

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