A Never Ending Pattern

July 28, 2011
I stay up all night thinking about you
All the pain that you put me through
All the tears and the tissues
And my heart that you misused
My feelings that you didn't consider
You hated me is what I figured
Soon I couldn't feel nothing at all
You made me feel so small
A silent tear slid down my emotionless face
All I could do is stare into space
Nobody saw my trail of tears
Nobody saw the heart you pierced
The thick warm blood that spewed from my heart
The wreck-less emotions that tore me apart
This is what you do to me, how you make me feel!!!!
Sometimes I wonder if this love real?!?!
Every moment,every memory that we shared
I wonder if you ever really cared !!!
After all the chaos ends
I think of you and I can't help, but grin
And I think here.....we.....go.....again.....

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