June 28, 2008
By Vivian Beltran, Kenner, LA

Have you ever been balancing on the thread
Between reality and a tempting fantasy?
Have you inhaled the second chilling breath
That makes existence feel uneasy?

Through a rushing current thriving on beauty
Did you dip your head in for a long drink?
In a canyon eroded from dark, refreshing seas
Did you discover where the sunlight starts to sink?

Past harsh blizzards where fear stings your face
Would you watch the sun's final crusade?
When the time comes to hide in the forest's shadows
Would you stand witness to what the dusk has made?

However lofty and tall the mountains seem to be
Could you still scale above those who seal your fate?
Through deserts scorching with sober distress
Could you trudge forward knowing what will wait?

And while morning clutches to the void of night
And as thunder erupts to warm the soul
The saga strikes hard through the sky's limits
Above a hardship's broken toll

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