Let Them Be

June 3, 2011
Do whatever you want, just don’t get hurt
Go to Pleasure Island, don’t be an ass
Run around in circles and stare at the clouds
Be Mike Hawk at Starbucks and Jump fences like Chicanos
Let Them Laugh

Dress as the Devil on Easter Day
Celebrate Lemuria and eat broken glass
Ride a crocodile, but only in Winter
Flash the eye and set fire to the Flag
Make sure it’s in tatters though
Let Them Gasp

Give food to the homeless, make the con artists cry
Adopt a Chernobyl baby, love it before it dies
Go PETA on animal abuser culo
Feed and replenish reservations, not the casino bourgeoisie
Let Them Cry

In an opinionated society and life
Freedom goes to the Ignorant
Don’t care for opinions of the normal class
Because you’re free to do what you like
Not hung and narrowed down by stiff norm laws

So Let Them Eat Cake

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