June 1, 2011
My brother, Aaron, was as funny as Will Ferrel. Well, maybe not that funny, but he was funny. He was always making jokes and making me laugh. He made everyone in our family laugh. He was especially funny the day my family celebrated my birthday at Craig's Cruisers in Grand Rapids.
Aaron, Alex, my dad, and the rest of the family and I decided to do the fun things before we ate. We went Putt Putt golfing first. We all laughed when Aaron lost his green golf ball in the green bushes in the dark. He looked and looked for his ball. Finally, he found a blue ball and decided to just take that one instead! I lost horribly to my brothers. But I beat my dad; he was easy to beat. After we were done we went inside to ride the go-carts. We didn't have to wait that long but we still had to wait. When we finally were able to pick our go cart I, out of all my family, picked the slowest one. Every time Aaron passed me he said something funny to me. I laughed even though I was mad that my car was the slowest! I lost to Aaron and almost everyone else, but I still had fun beating my dad, he was horrible at driving.

My family was hungry so we went to the buffet and ate as much as we could. Especially my brother Aaron. He ate so much! Us guys sat off by ourselves and had fun talking. I can't remember what exactly Aaron said during supper, but I know it made me laugh. Then after he ate he was so tired and didn't want to do anything. So we tried to get him to play laser tag with us. It took me and my brother all we had to get him to play, he was so tired. We finally were able to get him to play. Aaron was crazy and silly, and our team did really good and we won. But this time I came in first with the highest score and beat my brothers. It was hard to run around too fast after just having eaten so much!

The favorite ride I went on was the frog hopper! It was the best ride ever! Even though it was a kiddy ride, it was still awesome. My second favorite part was the video games. There is this one game called Terminator. You have this gun and you shoot at the robots on the screen.

“Get some!,” said Aaron.

“This game is stupid!,” said Alex.

“Why?,” said Aaron, as he was shooting robots.

“I can't do anything because you are getting all the robots before me!,” said Alex.

“Well, get better at it and maybe it will be fun for you,” said Aaron

“I can't get better when I'm playing with you,” said Alex.

“Here Abel, take the gun and beat Alex,” said Aaron.

“Stop getting all the robots!,” said Alex.

“Then get them before me,” said Abel.

“I can't because of you,” said Alex

“Fine, I'm going to play a different game,”said Abel

“Fine,” said Alex. We left Alex there to get better while Aaron and I played an underwater game together. You had this gun thing and you shot sea creatures. It was pretty hard at the end, but we made it past all the levels working together! Aaron always had something funny to say when the different sea creatures would come out. He was just funny no matter what we were doing!

After we spent like a hour on that game it was getting close to when we would have to leave. We took our last visit to the buffet. We decided to get some ice cream. I picked twist, chocolate and vanilla mixed together. “Let's go home,” said Aaron. We went to the car and Aaron talked about all the girls he liked. He joked around with us and told me and Alex that he could maybe hook us up with some girls our age he met at camp that summer when he was a counselor. He showed us pictures of them and man were they cute! On the way home we found some cool pictures on my dad's phone and put then on Aaron's phone. When we finally pulled into our driveway Aaron stepped out of the car. Guess what? He went inside, went to the bathroom, and passed out in bed he was so tired from all the fun things and laughing we had done! That was one of the last times I saw him.

In conclusion, my time at Craig's Cruisers was very fun thanks to my very funny brother Aaron. I will never forget it. Putt Putt and go-karts, playing video games, and even the car ride home were funny thanks to him.

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