Dry Bones in Summer Heat

June 27, 2008
We tilted our heads back to soak up the sun
Without a care in the world, we drove on.
The roads seemed endless,
And the trees joined as one
The music played on, pounding the car
We didn’t care that night
But we didn’t get far.

Darkness fell so swiftly
Covering us all in a blanket of black
Our cigarettes burned down to the filter
As we tapped our ash
The world began to blur and spin
As the lights drew closer
I could only see our sins
All of us in the car that night
Lost sight of who we were.

The screeching of the tires
As the car tried to swerve
Out of the path we made
We flew up into the night
As we collided together.
In such perfect unison
It made us all scream
Such a foreign sound to our ears
The damage was already done.
All of us strewn across the street
We smiled up at the sky
One last time, we held hands
And said goodbye.

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