living without you

July 22, 2011
By Anonymous

falling to the ice cold earth
falling into all life's miseries
falling without no one to catch you
falling into the nothingness of love
breaking without anyone to pick up the pieces before they get lost
breaking in silence
breaking without you with me
waiting for the pain in your soul to go away
waiting for the love once lost in hate and lies
to once return to your life
drowning in your own tears
trying to live knowing that your worst fears came true
trying to wake up from this nightmare
forgetting whats truly right
loosing your will to fight
loosing yourself in your own mind
searching for the light
getting lost in eternal darkness
forgetting what love really is
pretending your fine
when really you dying inside
breaking without showing it
faking your happiness
loving without feeling it
sinning without regret
dying in vain
returning to the earth
forgetting everything
waking up in reality
waking up without you
living without you
living without love

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