Eyes are the Window to the Soul

June 24, 2008
By Allison Hester, Houston, TX

Her eyes are the windows to her soul, so as her smooth dark chocolate eyes deepen, I can feel her heart tell me she's in pain. As a wet crisp glaze begin to surround her beautiful eyes I begin to wonder: "What can I do?" However there is no answer to my thought. What happens when the person whose eyes hold up the sky begin to thunder and spring droplets of liquid from tiny crevices. Her eyes make me strong, successful and independent; but now they make my heart become conscious to the pain and suffering. I need to see and feel the joy of her eyes glistening, but I see nor hear anything. Silence surrounds me and I'm all alone. Her eyes are the reason I cry. "Fore thou is not here...I slowly begin to dissapear." So what soes her Soul say?

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