June 24, 2008
There is no reprieve from the sin of the earth
We have ravaged all lands; they now have no worth
Gutted by 'progress' and the wars of the ages
Seen intact only through books with crumbling pages

Eden is no longer paradise
For knowledge we paid a horrid price
The land is now barren and filled with dread
From the blood of Abel the soils' stained red
No longer utopian and pristine
Marred by abhorrent sinners and fiends
His fiery seraphs habe left the gates
And left us here to face our lawful fates

We fought our righteous battles to hold onto joy
Crafting daring warriors out of little boys
Many came home men, marching back from the fray
And some were carried back on their shields each day

The promise land built upon Jericho is dead
Lying in ruins, the cobbled streets once well tread
Hostilities playing out through the towns
He watched as the kings cast down their fine crowns
Now in the arid, sandy wastelands
He speaks to us and holds out scarred hands
Calling for us to forsake our foul empires
So He can cleanse them with heavenly fire

And we may return to Eden...

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Fangz said...
Sept. 9, 2009 at 12:26 pm
I like this poem, and you seem to know what your talking about, which is essential but often lacking on this site. The rythm was kind of awkward (which could be remedied with a couple of minor revisions) and a few rhymes seemed forced, but other than that it was excellent.
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