July 20, 2011
Watching the world pull together without you, my soul cries. Chaos weaving in and out of the fabric of time and it all just.. comes together. The lines from the sun pushing through my blinds aline with the bones of my back and I know your safe somewhere. A place where greedy human palms can’t put a price on your soul, where they can’t get a hold of your essence and twist it into something it’s not. One day I’ll caress the back of your head and press your face into my chest. You’ll know that I’ll never leave you again. If you aren’t the sweetest thing I never laid eyes on, I don’t know who is. Secrets roll down my face, down my chest, but they never pool when it comes to you. I know there’s no use in crying you a sea when you live in the clouds. Rest between my thumb, index finger, and the particles of the universe.

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