Just A little Scared

June 23, 2008
By velma furdge, Los Angeles, CA

I cant believe I let love go, cant believe it stood right in front of me
Cant believe I actually let this be
For longer than a year a part of me truly loved him dear
But for part of a year I was scared to commit, had to much fear
But now the day has come again to show I care
To show the love we had and have is real
I have to admit back then I was scared
Scared of relationships, scared of commitment
Thats why I stayed in so many so called relationships
You may think im full of games
That im still the same
But trust and believe im not to blame
It wasn't me, it was my heart whos to fault
Feeling as if my cards had already been shook, had already been dealt
My heart suddenly took a stroll and went on lock
Said never would it let another soul enter it at all
But after a while became in shock, realiziton of it being wrong came into play
Finally realizing we would be together one day, one way
But never would I thought my bestfriend held the key to set free all those long lined bad memories
To bring love and happiness into once again
I know you may not feel how you once felt
But I had to tell you for all this time the love I did not show
Was always there just a little shy, a little scared

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