About A Girl

June 22, 2008
By Melissa Lockley, Matthews, NC

I have nothing to say to you.
My emotions are kinetic,
Leaping and bounding about my body.
But to you I’ll aim to be apathetic.

Like dirt, you marched across me,
scuffed your feet about my surface.
You left me battered and bruised
with little regard to my sentiments.

My tongue lays flat in my mouth—
Coated with hurt.
Muted by anxiety.
My lips are bitter,
salty from tears.
Jet black smudges decorate my cheeks,
as you stare unforgivingly.

“What is wrong,” you ask unwisely.
“Why so many tears?”
You try to stroke my dampened face.
I clout your hand with little fear.
“You’ve hurt me more than anyone,
more than anyone, I’ve hurt.”

You walk away, unphased by this,
Unphased by my obvious spoil.
I cry a bit harder
and let out a tiny moan.

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