The Orchestra

June 22, 2008
Loves the cello who sings so sweetly,
She captures his true self,
Belting out his tune for all the world,
Pulling tears from the listener.

Loves the violin who is hard to master,
She captures his voice perfectly,
Sending out eerie notes for all the world,
Instilling him in the listener.

Loves the bass who only hums along,
He captures her aura, keeping her beat,
Giving out low vibrations for all the world,
Leaving her thoughts in the listener.

Loves the harp who is played by angels,
She captures his muscle, mixing it with fragility,
Letting him reside in her core for all the world to hear,
Sending his roots into the listener.

Love itself,
Loves the orchestra who completely understands,
It keeps her heart beating strong,
Never letting go of her impossible dreams,
Living up to her expectations and bringing hope
To all of the listeners.

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