A Note Bound in Dark Leather

July 11, 2011
What should it be about?
A tree, a rock, a blue-less sky
I spin within this helpless bout
Further into the cocoon of a lie
And deeper in a sea of doubt
Without the air to keep afloat
Without a sun or happy mote
Only a folded and battered note
On which “I love you,” I wrote
But days go by with note in hand
Secured by its dark leather band
Filled with words that didn’t go as planned
And a heart encrusted in sand
With no reply to the unsent note
No resolve to the words I wrote
No sign of a rescuing boat
No light or glimmer of hope
I write another line with an empty sigh
And a tear drops from my eye
Shed for every plan that went awry
Each one falls, they smudge the ink
With each ruined word my spirits sink
As of my ruined heart I think
But it’s much too late to call you now
And if I did I would not know how
To mend the broken days and nights
Or heal the wounds left by the fights
That slowly extinguished each of the lights
Slowly replacing them with blights
Leaving memories shattered on the ground
Your heart torn and thrown around
I’ll try to cut the threads that bound
Our lives together for so long
To smile and nod, act strong
For you shan’t be seeing me again
I’m washing away in the sheets of rain
Fading to free you from the pain
Of deciding what it should be about.

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