Several Death

June 21, 2008
Clapping cheering with proud
over her dead body

Asking that dead woman Why?
She said she made engrave mistake
So she was engraved

With tearless eyes, smile on her face
she told that
she demanded for divorce
no emotion in her voice or on her face
She regained her smile and same tearless eyes

asking why is she like that?
with pitiful smile for herself
she spproached slowly and
said she had been dead
several times
dead long time before they killed her

it would have been better
if mudere weren't her family
her family,
her brother she grew up with
mother she shared many secrets with
father who taught her about this world
and for man she gave everything
her body, her dream, family
and last her life

she called them her family
with sorrowful heart
with great pain in heart
that family which became her enemy

what she had done wrong
that she deserves this
death with her own family
where does her human rights gone?
where are trust full followers of Quran gone?
where is her Qursnic right gone that time?

That she had a right to demand divorce.
Islamic society claims to follow laws of Quran
Do they really do follow?
if they, they wouldn't have killed her.
for what they have killed her is honour they have as high as mountain
for that honour they used religion

to control her
her husband beats her
treat her like animal
like donkey
which carry weight on its back


What she had imagined(dreamed0
what she got
he killed her on every step
that she had taken to


she died on her step
that she had taken
not only for her
but women who she left behind

she told her story with dream
that one day

Woman can get her own courage
to allow her desire to let out
Even if it means several death

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