Finally Free

July 15, 2011
Pursuing these thoughts
Will get you no where
but farther into the abyss
of the mind you avoid

Constantly throwing words
Around for a ride
Telling yourself
They have no meaning

Every letter hides
In your mind
Reforming those words

You leave...
As if nothings wrong
but as you return home
So do those thoughts

Their recurrence
Troubles your sleep
With little ease
Never reassurance

These memories
Are all you know
But you refuse
The allowance of others

You don't believe anymore
And I understand
But soon enough
You'll want to try

Your eyes will open
and you'll soon see
How much those around you

Your eyes
Would finally be hidden
By the darkness
That once enveloped them before

When you had less
Of a burden to carry
And more time to clear
The fog covering your mind

You'll learn
To push away
Those thought
That once nagged you do

Your real smile.. will show
Slowly through the wall
You built in the past
Finally... Free

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