July 15, 2011
By Joseph Dougherty BRONZE, Garnett, Kansas
Joseph Dougherty BRONZE, Garnett, Kansas
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Once there was a feeling. Some made it the horror of peoples life and some used it out of the Purity of their hearts. It was something of a leaping feeling. You would feel as if you were suddenly pulled up to the clouds by the loop of your pants. Some then chose to slam others back down to earth and leave them in a smoldering pile of ash and splintered hopes. But others nurtured it instead of killing it. They would grow close to it and eventually give part of them to the other. They would grow laugh and love together. Would they last? Would they fight? Or would it all go back down and leave them both in ash and splinters. Only the sage like being Time knew. Father time knows but he would never tell. The two lovers would last they would be. However, their beliefs and feelings changed. One would develop a strong love and caring nature that at times probably became too much and the other would seek the benefits of the others love and feelings in truth the first lover knew this in his heart but did not mind. The second lover who was pure of intent became mix minded half was kind and loving but the other was envious and angry. The relationship strained but held strong. There were a few moments in which they both wanted to give up but they held tightly to each other. But then a day came on them when the first lover would have to move far far away. Both of them were realists they both knew the distance would end them. So to save them the pain they ran away together for a week. In this week they loved lived and talked. They then returned home and never saw each other but neither was sad. They both lived out separate happy lives. They both died happy with their own families but they never forgot each other. To some this may seem an odd ending to a story two so in love splitting up and how could they be happy without each other? Because they realized what each had gained from the relationship. They both had grown much wiser and mature. The two were too thankful toward the other to be sad. Love is a curious little
puppy isn't it?

The author's comments:
The story of two who had loved and learnt

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