To my dear father

June 24, 2008
To my dear father
who i felt was never there
left me in the road
with my life to spare
the night i called you
your voice sounded rougher
you had a beer bottled glued to you hand while i suffer
you never understood me
and i never questioned why
i was your first born child
trust me it was never jealousy although you had your favorites
now let me be the first to let you know how my day went
while i sat back and thought about all that went wrong
you would bend over backwards for your three sons
and not to mention your for daughters who you seem to admire
while i was left to burn in the ring of the fire
you alway confronted and streesed the issue
of me never calling you to say i missed you
and in the end for what? you meant nothing to me
i dont regret a damn thing you never looked back at me
after its all said and done
you'll never have to worry about your first begotton daughter
now listen to me carefully
because its coming from the heart
to my dear father
we both fell apart

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