I am Poem

June 23, 2008
I am that Fiery Flame that cannot be extinguished
I walk to the sound of my own beat
I wonder off through the deep corners of my intricate mind
Trying to discover my next move before it’s too late and I run out of time
I hear the whispers drifting the through the midst of the night
Silently telling me to soar to the highest peak for my next flight and never look back
Yet I see the pillars of my life falling back
So I can grasp hold of the chance to stand-alone
I want to take to the world by storm and dive into the River of Destiny
I am that butterfly, roaming freely through Transparent Heavens
Getting away, getting away.
Because I am that Fiery Flame that cannot be extinguished
I pretend to embody no one
But the Enchantress that I was meant to be
I feel His arms embracing mine, like armor protecting me from the Gates of Hell
I touch the souls of the oblivious who believed they stand for nothing
I worry nothing, for doubts are the only spectacles that poison the mind
Generating fear, allow the coldness of inadequacy to marinate
I cry and weep for those who do not understand that life is like Chess
Every movement you make marks your future; temptations may lure you to make a false move, and pitfalls may be cover so you can’t see, then you stumble and plummet, but sometimes all it takes is sacrifice.
I am that soldier waiting for the last battle, bruised and wounded, but still showing no sign of defeat
Because I am that fiery flame that cannot be extinguished
I understand life should be lived consciously
But I say ride it until the wheels fall off
Let fear not lead you astray
I dream of the Sun melting away the layers of dismay
I try to embrace the imperfections broadcast for the World
Because my essence is the only thing that is the makeup of me
I hope I walk through a road witnessing faces painted with smiles and laughter
I am that light who will guide myself through Mystery Boulevard
I may face obstacles, I may even fall, but when things are all said and done, I will be the one standing tall
Because I am that Fiery Flame that cannot be extinguished.

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