I Sit In This Class

February 22, 2008
By stephany posey, Walkersville, WV

i sit in this class
waiting for a sign
if i could only just leave
i wouldnt have to listen to all their wines

sure i want to leave to
but i dont let the world know
that if only he were here
i would love and you would know

he was a real life character
he was here once upon a time
he taught me to believe in love
he showed me how to behave but have a good time

he was my love
he was my life
he was the man
who wanted me as his wife

then when life was becoming really good
it was all of a sudden i couldnt even bear
he dissappeared and i couldnt find him
it felt like none of this was really fair

all of the love i found
is something ive never felt before
it was like a fairy tale
it was something i adored

i will always love him
no matter where he went
i think hes in heaven
bc he was heaven sent

so all of you who want to leave
how is your life so bad
id rather sit in school all day
so i wouldnt have to go home and be sad

everywhere i look i see him
in everything i do
he was apart of my life
and i always want him to

be in my heart
and never leave my soul
to be torn apart
and leave me completely whole

if you wouldve known him
you wouldve fallen in love
but im sorry he was mine
i fit his hand like a glove

i know hes always with me
everywhere i go
he goes with me everywhere
everywhere to and fro'

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