It's Just Three Words

February 22, 2008
By Zach Tegler, Eagle, NE

It’s just three words
That echo throughout the land
It means we stand together
United we stand
It’s printed out on posters
Banners and shirts galore
But why don’t we follow
Why are we so torn

Everyone in America
Stand up and pay your dues
Hold hands with everybody
Under the red, white, and blue
There’s the bankers of the city
And the farmers of the land
Let’s all stand together
United we stand

There’s the Yankees and the Red Sox
Buckeyes and Wolverines
It’s the Bears against the Packers
Everybody’s on a team
Well, I say we come together
Stop being just a bunch of fans
‘Cause when it comes down to it
All of us are Americans


Back on 9/11
When all those people died
We all stood together
We all prayed and cried
But why did it have to get that far
Why did we need war and guns
Why did it take a tragedy
For us to stand and unite as one

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