At Young Wake

February 22, 2008
By Bianca Mendez, Naples, FL

Sitting, lonely and still, a young girl glances out a framed window,
She sits and continues to look searchingly for a new aspect to discover, a new life seeking to be found.
A window of pine wood, a curtain of ivory silk, nothing but a distraction from what the young girl desires,
Miles of past, seconds of present, and a lifetime ahead holding an unknown future.

The young girl stares on through a pinewood window and a curtain of ivory silk, down to a forever long gravel path.
She stares until a stare could stare no more,
A long road lies ahead of her, she is uncertain to what might be blocking her path ahead.
She has no fear, only determination, no feeling of anxiety, only a curiosity within its own waking moment.

The inspiring stars appear and penetrate through a dark, mysterious sky,
A dominating moon offering its only guidance with shining light.
A young girl continues to sit and stares down a forever long gravel path,
Only morning can reveal what is at young wake.

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