Our Way Of Life

February 21, 2008
By Ryan Pastor, Byron, CA

This is who we are
This is what we do
This is our life
And mud
can't stop us from doing what we love
It's our way of life
You might not like it
And that's a shame
For the pain we fell
Is just a gain
So get on your steel pony
And let's ride
Hold it pinned end you'll
Reach the end
For at the end comes
And a chance to shine
Take the chance
Show the world what yor mad of
And you'll be found
If you don't take the chance
You'll always wounder
And you won't have to live with that regret
I should'a
I could'a
I probably would'a
So don't stare at your dream
Live it
Love it
Make something of it
What do you have to lose?

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