Washington D.C.

February 21, 2008
“Row 4 please board”
And the plane soon after roared.
Once off, I fell asleep
until I heard a little beep.
All of the sudden I saw it in clear,
We were coming very near.
But the landing almost made me sick.
So I got off the plane quick.

Then I saw the deluxe
New Starbucks.
After stopping to buy a frap,
We started looking at a map,
But to our surprise my friends’ dad,
walked up to us very glad.
He directed us to our hotel on time
The place seemed quite fine.

In the morning,
I arose with warning,
For I did not want to ride on the dirty subway,
So I said “can’t we just find a different way.”
But dad insisted not,
For the weather was way to hot.

During the tour of the capital
We saw a great painting of a battle.
We also rode underground
And saw the secret passages that were to be unfound.
Although the tour happened fairly quick
We learned a lot about the topic.

Later while touring the spy museum,
We saw some tricks that were awesome.
While doing this there was a man that was following us around,
He looked like had the spy scheme down.

The next morning we rode in my friend’s car
To their house which was not far.
Then we had fun
As the evening games begun.

Spending the night
Was quite a delight.
This was because I hadn’t seen her in two years
So we had talked a lot about new fears.

The next morning at dawn
I heard the first wake up yawn.
I knew that the day would be a delight
As we toured Mt. Vernon in the morning light.

After that outing
Lauren and I started shouting
When we found we were going to lunch
At Five Brothers which serves more food than a buffet brunch.

Unfortunately, this was our last goodbye
For our plane was about to fly.
I told her she must come see us soon
And so she did at the end of June.

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