"Troubled Troll"

July 7, 2011
By Casey Brockman BRONZE, Hagerstown, Indiana
Casey Brockman BRONZE, Hagerstown, Indiana
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Look around
Do you see her now
She is playing in the shadows
Beneath a bridge
Whispers slowly fill your ear
Run, Run, Run while you can
Sense of panic fills the air
Spinning, Spinning, and Spinning
You fall in her lair
She warned you
Never hurt a troll
For you will pay the toll
The club falls into your cage
Spikes enter the heart
Feel the pain
Screeching cries are coming closer and closer
Afraid to open your eyes
You feel to see if she is near
Picturing a girl with fuzzy pink hair
Tears rolling down her cheek
While her heart bleeds air
Scared you awaken
She lies there dying
Can she hear you crying
For that is weakness to the soul
Softly she speaks
Why are you here
Thoughts race
Quickly trying to find a reason
You look down
And begin to stare
Her sparkling eyes show fear
Your mind wonders how that is possible
Trolls have no feelings
Only hatred
Shocked you are wrong
Will you leave her
Knowing you caused the pain
Or take off
Staying away from the bridge
She then will build a wall
Until you call
Seconds go by
Minutes, hours
Finally your decision is made
Laying her head down
You run
Fighting the traps around you
Until there is a hole to escape
Faster and Faster
Falling on your knee's
Thinking it's too late
You lie there to die
A smell feels the atmosphere
Looking over you spot it
Hurrying you grab what you can
Soon you remember the miracle is by the water
Daisy's and Roses float in the river
Grabbing a few
Then taking off to rescue her
Tansy's are thrown over her heart
Daisy's fill her wounds
Rose pedals surround her body
Panicking, knowing she won't rise
You pace
Seeing the sand fall slowly
Timing is a race
Days come upon you
She blinks
Words become scrambled
Not knowing what to say
Lifting her hand to your lips
Shh... you say
I'm here
Forcing a smile on her face
She gives you a lace
Now you sew her wounds together
Letting her know
You will be by her side forever
Slowly leaning
You strike her cheek
She grabs your hand
Meeting they put her hair behind her ear
Closing your eyes you kiss her
Is the pain gone
Will you two bond
Looking at you
She begins to speak
Scared of what might be said
You end the day
Never did she tell him
What she had to say
Keeping him in the cage
Feels her heart with joy
Locked up like a toy
You scream
Laughing she yells
A kiss never heals
Only kills

The author's comments:
I was inspired by people calling me a troll because I am short. The reason I wrote it was because a guy recently broke my heart. I hope people will see that love overcomes when they read my poem.

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on Jul. 14 2011 at 5:12 pm
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