As Faded Hearts are Filled In

February 21, 2008
As faded hearts are filled in,
with the colors dripping
from your eyes
and streaming down
your washed oud face

As rays of sun come into play
but within time
they drift away,
leaving everything it touched
and everyone it loved

strolling down a lonely road
that's never to turn back again,
they'll take you in and spit you out
while in this world you're thrown about.

Words spill out
like waterfalls,
while forming puddles at your toes,
that constantly are pouring down
untill there's nothing,
left to say.

of sorrow.
of fright.
will lead you through
some aweful sights.
but then you'll wake up
and you'll see,
that all of this was just a dream
and never really know
where you're going,
so just come with me.

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