My love By: Tyler Raymond

July 3, 2011
By TylerJacobray SILVER, San Diego, California
TylerJacobray SILVER, San Diego, California
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Pillows of memories bound within
Flashes of your beauty conceals all the sin
I race in dark, empty space
I run with everything I have
Its hopeless but it is you I chase
I will never give up till its you thats mine
Im hollow speaking with feeling
Nights without a laugh
This is so wrong but so right I want you this very night
Nations yearn for peace and power
The world braces for her last
Once again she sprouts up as a flower fading by the hour
But what stands here, what we hold together is forever
It rolls within as waves of the ocean
Crashing again and again
It lives, it breathes
It feels to speak
Letting truth open into every empty creak
It caves inside captivating your eyes, your heart
Sending us to ignite

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