Black Slate Sky

July 3, 2011
By Coriander BRONZE, Colville, Washington
Coriander BRONZE, Colville, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
1. Never stop smiling, Even when you're sad, because you never know when someone is falling in love with that smile.

2. Keep dancing with God, he'll let the right guy cut in.

As we lay in the cold grass and ponder the stars
Written on a black slate for all to see
The faint scent of flowers fades away
And the day turns to night fully

Feeling your arm lightly brush mine
A chill creeps up my neck
Trailing back down my spine.
Hearing your breaths I match mine with yours

Not a word has been said,
As we lay side by side in the dark
The silence is bliss, as we smile and sigh

How long have we laid here,
I’ve lost track of time.
At least hours have passed,
And my smile has only inclined.

Words don’t need to be said,
Our feelings show clearly
And I couldn’t be happier
But by knowing you’re with me.

The night fades away as we fall asleep
Laying in the grass
Just you and me.

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