You’re Still Beautiful To Me

February 19, 2008
By Bridgett Keith, Hiram, ME

Sometimes you think you’re not good enough
That you need to be perfect
But let me tell you something
That needs to be told
No one is perfect
And you’re still my best friend, because

You’re still beautiful to me
Can’t you see?
Everybody makes mistakes
No one really has what it takes
I’ve gotten to know what’s in your heart
And it doesn’t matter what you look like
And what I really want you to see is
That you’re still beautiful to me

We’ve been best friends for a while now
I love how you can get me to smile somehow
You are always there
I know you care
That’s all a true friend’s supposed to be
I know you have your flaws
I’ve got them, too
But that still can’t hide the truth
When will you see?
That beauty’s only skin deep?
It only matter’s what’s in your soul
And you’re still beautiful, yeah

Sure, we all have our days
When we’re trapped in a maze
And we don’t know what to do
But you always listen to me, and you do not judge
So don’t judge yourself anymore
Because I care about you, and that’s the truth
I hope our friendship doesn’t fall apart
But even when we’re mad,
And get into fights,
And we just can’t see the light
I want you to know
You’ll always be beautiful

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