Two Thousand and Something Miles

February 19, 2008
By Megan F., Andover, KS

On some day in August my family and I set out
We were to travel two thousand and something miles that day
I couldn’t wait for roller coasters, an adventure without a doubt
I couldn’t wait for the waves to roll, on a great seagull bay

It all sounds so great, but I must admit, it was…….boring
We sat in the car all day until late night, just sitting there
We wished we felt like we were going along speedily, almost as if soaring
But we weren’t, we were bored, again, just sitting there

And this was because we were bored, sleeping, watching movies, and sleeping again
And again and again and again, one big cycle, all mixed into one big heap
Yes, we did stop at Graceland, but FINALLY, after hours it seemed we had gain
Why? Well, because we were there it seemed in just one big leap

First stop there, Universal Studios, adventure, pleasure, FUN
We knew it would be a blast, on the roller coasters, zipping, zooming, looping, turning
We knew it would be a blast……………until the SUN
It blazed and blazed, but it was okay, because who cared? It’s not like we were burning!

We were having just so much fun, so much pleasure, SO much adventure!
I knew the next day would feel the same, dolphins, Shamu, whales!
Sea World has one word to describe it: amazing, no one could wait to venture!
It would feel as if we had won a prize, we would WIN IT, we would not fail

Cry, cry, the day has to end
Tomorrow is called: beach
That is why I shouldn’t cry, because I get to swim and see the waves crash and bend
I was just glad I didn’t have to hear a really long sunscreen speech.

We saw dolphins swimming and swimming only ‘bout only a quarter mile away
I jumped for glee, for they are my favorite of all water creatures
We watched them leap in the air and I tell you, they just made my day
I wish I could still remember all of the beach’s features 

Yea, there were more days of Universal, but I knew it was all coming to an end
And, sadly, but inevitably it all came to a close
Again, with cameras filled with pictures this time though, we set out on the bends
By that I mean the road, it just kept bending and turning, like the roller coaster before, but I could at least doze

So that one summer day
My family and I traveled two thousand and something miles
But one thing is certain, it was fun while it lasted, I loved and will never forget that one summer day!

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