February 18, 2008
Prejudice is like a cold, cruel, solid locked door.
Grabbing you by the hand,
Pulling you away from the rest of the world!
Keeping you locked up, and trapped inside,
With no way out!
No key to escape the misery which Prejudice brings you.
No way of knocking it down.
The door of Prejudice is like an invincible, solid

Prejudice is laughing at you!
Calling you malicious names!
Pushing you around,
Playing cruel games!
Saying that you are different, and do not

There is no way to open up Prejudice,
And get it outside of our heads.
From one person to another,
It spreads and spreads.
And yet, we don’t even realize it.
Someone needs to open the door of Prejudice,
And let everyone be

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