Dodo My fallen Hero

July 9, 2011
By Laura Cleaver BRONZE, Betendorff, Iowa
Laura Cleaver BRONZE, Betendorff, Iowa
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Oh, what a commonly creature I once new
a beast that never flew
Dull in mind
On an island you might find the memory
What was once the Dodo

Clumsy as an oaf
good looks he could never boast
Proudly hefting a potato like nose
Along with ghastly rubbery webbed toes
Pebble eyes of ashen grey
A target of easy prey

As man first set foot on his uncharted shore
The Dodo immediately became lore
For no defense did he posses
As filthy rats gleefully assaulted his nest

Now that the gallant Dodo is no more
The earth is all the more poor

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