The Remedy

February 18, 2008
By cursha joseph, Brookln, NY

I never thought it would actually happen. . .but it did.
He corrupted your mind and cast the unbreakable spell
He taught you to hate and led you into the depths of hell.
He told you that you needed no one and untruthfully so
He said he'd be your console
And he'll help you grow. . .to become his companion.
But don't you know that I am!!! the anti-drug
Your best friend, the one that helped you through struggles
Don't you remember? Me!
You've forgotten me, like I'm your worst enemy.
Who indeed thinks that I would allow him to torment you.
He told you that you weren't meant to live, I told you it wasn't true
But I guess you were right, I've finally got a clue.
You died, my dearest best friend you allowed drugs
to influence you. It's all over now, and hate to say this
But I guess you weren't meant to live
But I know one thing's for sure, some thing's got to give.

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