Death Was A Car Away

July 10, 2011
By Themike SILVER, Greenwood, South Carolina
Themike SILVER, Greenwood, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
Only a life lived for others is a life worth living. -Albert Einstein

It was just one car away;
on that fateful Tuesday night
I really thought it would end;
This train wreck I call life

She told me that she loved me,
Then she didn't anymore.
And yet I still loved her,
even though I was thinking "wh***"

She led me on for months.
She called me the love of her life.
But she couldn't even remember.
And it killed me inside.

Then she met a new guy;
And they're already going out.
So I was gonna end it all.
Just to make her cry.

I told her I was in the road,
And she simply replied with
"k wear a jacket its cold out"
all I could think was "what a bit**"

If it wasn't for that other girl
I'd be dead right now.
I have her to thank
for saving my pathetic life.

sometimes I still wonder
how far i came that day
because something happened then;
Death Was A Car Away

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