victimless crime

July 6, 2011
By lexyAnn BRONZE, Philo, Ohio
lexyAnn BRONZE, Philo, Ohio
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you say I don’t know

that somehow my own judgement cant show me the way to go

it’s ridiculous how many times you’ve failed

how many bull crap stories ive inhaled

about how im too young to understand

stop. im talking comand

of my own life on my own time

it’s not about you this is a victimless crime

don’t assume that I want what you’re giving I depend on only me

respect what I want agree to disagree

im better then the trash your feeding

is there something your misreading?

putting it simple get out of my life

youve stabbed my back with a knife

I want you gone dont try to apologize

and take back all your hurtful goodbyes

ive got scars im bruised you dont see them?

is your conscious sorry but your feelings condemed

your not mine you never were you used me as your selfish act

im done my bags are packed

this show is over find a new quite slave

you’ll love them untill they misbehave

The author's comments:
sick of the people around me that aresuppose to help holding me down

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