Several Poems

December 23, 2007
By Devon Dennis, Wayzata, MN

This Dress

Smoothing the lace gloves on past my tiny wrists,
Air kisses,
to all the Mr's and Mrs's,
I'm an actress in my own living life.
They raise their glasses,
For the girl who never talked out of turn,
failed her elders,
or questioned their words.
I bow to their thank-yous, but remain in my mind.
I'm fine.
I whisper,
I'm fine.
Double take, around the room I sway to the melody of a violin tune,
because I know they're watching.
When will their eyes turn inward and see the falseness in their bodies that they try to give to me?
Mold me into a cookie cutter woman.
Just how I'm supossed to be.
Here I grow into their perfect sillouette,
my own shadow the same size as theirs,
Congratulations. I'm finally the frankenstine bride of the plan you've decided to buy me into.
Now here I am in my little poofy dress,
With a broken heal,
Winking at the bus boy, I hide my sweat. I'm a mess.
How many times must I spin here in silence?
It apauls me that I'm so hidden under this hideous dress.
Can I ever convince them I can be who I am, and still be the best?

A Human in love

Take it or leave it,
we are what we are.
whomever we are.
We're Sleauths. Saps. Thieves. Vantrilaquists. Day ruiners.
Imperfections, fallible beings with scars.
But the moment love exists,
The sad mouth untwists,
we cut out the brooding and put down the fists,
love pangs in the heart so pleasurably,
big lights become bright behind tiny eyes,
flashing with such delectable suprise,
and this is when we become perfectly imperfect.
So even though paper hearts look like a kindergarden project,
And nobody understands the wilderness of words you put together in his or her image,
This is the stuff. The fuel that's keeping us alive.

And you wont know until you feel it.
Loves a game
love is a ghost that never goes away
it is the slur in all the things we try to say
it is the voice to the young boy with out a name
it is the time bomb that ticks until you win the game
But heres the trick, no one wins,
somtimes lust is a whirwind
that ends as fast as it begins
And all you have left are
Lips without a kiss
Hands without a hand
A heart without a tremble
And no one that understands.
Slither, snake around your worries
Bake desire in an oven fire of fate
Twisted little thoughts trickling down to your dirty paws
Unsnapped bras late night phone calls...
and we all know what we saw
Heroes fall, but new ones form
Windows unfold, dark allies never seen before
You take them and use them to bring you to new lands
Take the chance but understand
you tried it,
you did it,
regret it, you don't
we live it,
we buy it.
and learn it,
we hope.
But always listen closely to both voices from both shoulders,
They both can teach you courage and they both do truly know you
If you chose to hear the dark one
'cus his promises get you hot
take him by the horns and try his words
until they start to kill you
Then you'll know, its way too much way too fast
You took the wrong path and the feeling didn't last.
Temptation of this ration can just stab you in the back.

She Worked The Streets

Hello friend...
you look just like me.
We talk the same
walk the same
Both of us are lonley

I stop and chat
It's like a mirror
I'm learning more
It's getting clearer
I cry for you sister
I realise your story
my eyes start to blur
My mind starts to worry

Sold your soul for 20 dollars last night
Everytime you let one in
There's a sudden loss of life in your eyes
I can't hold your hand when
your 23 and so lovely
Too bad innocence is always
lost when your hungry

There you sit, on the street
your happy home's a broken
pile of boxes beneath your
You fly away outside your head,
your desperation for a bed
lets them break and shake your will until it's dead.

Here's to you broken girl,
you are such a token, girl.
I wish you could see what your worth.
Please understand the cost girl,
Find yourself, revive yourself, you're a lost girl.

Sugar Baby

Bust-line of a billionare's baby doll,
Shiny lying lips and swaying hips that drive all the men to such dizziness,
That little southern bell!
Hot as hell.
He chose her.
That damsel in distress,
who asked for help just to keep herself noticed.
But Shallow gal's got a secret.
Those twinkly blinking eyes of hers are windows to her inner gains and shame.
She gives him love, he gives her money.
Both hopin' for a little fame.
His chains, they make her strange and pained.
And the plan for tomorrow is just the same.
Repetition of this uglier, beautiful life make the lights in her eyes fall down.
Thinkin maybe he'd make her a star if she kept dancin around in her nightgown,
Now she feels down.
Cus he just closed the door and gave her the wink.
That same little look that just stinks of his smelly cologne.
She prays in her mind for some help from above,
Screwing saftey and comfort,
Wishin' she woulda taken that chance on true love.

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