December 23, 2007
Haughty proud expression
Staring disdainfully down at those who dare attempt to look up
Beautiful, almost unnaturally so
Cold, unfliching pale blue eyes meet warm, wide, wavering black ones
Then, without a second glance, the stare is broken
By the one who calls herself goddess.

Disloyal idiotic traitors to her name
They can not live, they must be punished
Claiming to be fighting to overthrow the menace of the world
Pah! What insolence! How dare anyone try to go against
The most marvelous Queen, the wonder of the world

Truly the sun must rise and set
On such a bewitching, bedazzling divinity
But what a divinity!
Like the Greek gods and goddesses
Who believed themselves better than the rest of humanity
And set out cruel and unusual punishments
Wrecking many a maiden’s life.
So too does our shocking deity

Colorless steady regal hand shines through the light of the weak sun
Or is it the hand?
Could it be a foul, insidious dagger lurking inside such a heavenly celestial being?
We should think not.
But those who live in her realm know much better.
After all, they have lost everything and been punished for their goodness.

Murmuring to themselves, bowing and kissing the lady’s feet
Not by choice by force of course.
Sharp glistening sword brutally slashes through pallid thin neck
Dismembering head from body
And look! There lies at the queen’s feet
The head of a disobedient child
Poor girl did not bow low enough
Was it the legs which betrayed her, or her mind?

Talents in the world surely do exist.
Wonders created that could never be imagined.
But none of these attempt to cross into this cursed land
For fear that they might be exterminate
So the queen can keep her rank of being the best
Being perfection

Everyone wants perfection at least once in their life
But those who crave, who seek, who desire and aspire for perfection
Who go so far as to extinguish any who dare rival them
They have joined the ranks of these beautiful disasters
Pitiless and unmerciful
Such as the queen

And so the queen rules
With an iron fist watching over the world
Unyielding, pitiless, unmerciful
Waiting and watching for those who even think of rebellion
Hushed murmurs go through the terror-stricken, once innocent crowd
“Who is she?”
Her name might be Beautiful, but she is called Pride.

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