Our Hearts

December 21, 2007
Our hearts have more damage from our lives than imaginable.
Theres scars from being severely burned,
by the people you love and trusted most.
Theres bandages from cuts we
never thought could be so deep.
And it took forever to heal up, if it even has.
Theres tape holding it all together,
for when you gave someone your heart,
and they crushed it in their hands.
Theres tear stains,
from when you just couldnt take it anymore,
and you cried....you just cried.
Here and there,
there are dark red spots
from when you have had love for someone,
and it never will fade,
and they'll always be there for you.
But you know,
in this scarred, bandaged, taped mess....
if you look hard enough,
and can find the patience...
someone will come along.
And they'll take your heart for a moment,
and get to work.
They'll minimize the scars,
and gently heal most of the wounds.
Some of the tape will come off,
because they have a piece that was missing,
that holds it together a little better.
They'll wipe away the tear stains,
and only leave one for a reminder,
of where you have been,
but how much better you are now for it.
And they'll hold you as well,
they'll know your heart is glass,
and they'll put it on a shelf with theirs,
where it cannot be reached to be broken.
This person could be right in front of your face,
and you have yet to meet them.
But now the only question is...
can you put pain aside enough to see them when they are there?

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