The way I like him

December 21, 2007
By Samantha Carpenter, Belle River, LA

The way I like him, he'll never know,
Part of me wants to tell him,
Something else, deep inside,
is screaming shouting No!
I want him to be the boy,
who gives me the single chance;
I want him to be the guy,
Who holds me as I dance.
I don't want to hold his hand;
I want him to gently grab mine.
Holding me in his arms,
He could make the worst seem fine.
I want him to be understanding,
I want him to truly care.
I want him to show he loves me,
Let me run my fingers through his hair
I shouldn't have to run to him,
Tears within my eyes.
I want him to run, come find me,
Drying my face and ask me why
His everything I want to be,
needed and loved, I'd feel,
I want him to know he's mine
and my love for him is real.
You insist I don't know what love is,
but baby, you haven't a clue.
I want him to be the boy,
Who whispers, I love you, too.

He paints a smile across my face
His voice is music to my ears
If anything just be my friend
This poem, he’ll never hear.

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