June 26, 2011
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Lost in a world of eternal serenity and voids of whiteness,
Searching for faith of life with a hope for brightness.
Astray in the calmness of word and stretches of insanity,
Seeking movements of life or signs of humanity.
When life is a void and death is not a word,
When cries for help and mercy are never heard,
When empty barriers of nothingness surround you,
When beds and walls begin to talk to you,
Is insanity winning over or is sanity accepting defeat,
When life and death are two ends beginning to meet?
Is life truly confined to a single room of limited space?
Or is there anyone else with feelings or a face?
The answers are with the white-shirted creatures,
They know of the outside world and its features.
Trapped in one room for endless years the question unfurls,
Is there more to life, is there an outside world?
I bang the walls and cry in starvation and pain,
Yet my struggles are unheard and vain.
I wonder who created me, is there an almighty,
Is she the person who will set me free?
I look up to the ceiling, hoping the air will heed,
Send my message to her, to the almighty I need.

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