Never Want To Leave My Bed

December 20, 2007
By Juuleece White, Mountain Home, AR

Never Want To Leave My Bed
I lie in my bed and cuddle with my sheets
The cold sensation from the satin material runs chills through my body
I lay silently still
I feel this tingling thrill of sensation
Warmness come to rescue my ice stained body from the cold
It feels cozy now
I transition into a deep sleep
I am deaf to any noise and blind to any image
I dream of ire media dais stories
The tales have neither an end nor a beginning
I am in a trance of eternal relaxation
All negativity and troubles are drained instantly
My intelligence has gone and all thinking has stopped
I wonder no more
The alarm goes off
The ringing almost passes my ears
My eardrums are trampled over with a loud ringing vibration of noise
I arise dazed and confused
I don’t know where I am, or how I got to be where I am
Suddenly all amnesia is gone
I rise up angry with rage
My eyes open and the light burns them
I yawn sweet memories of a good night sleep that is now in the past

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