My Dad

June 20, 2011
I came into this world by the grace of our brother;

To a beautiful, wonderful father and mother.

The doctor gently placed me in my crying mother's chest;

And such beautiful love to me was expressed

By my mother who carried me and held me so tender;

That undying love is one I'll always remember.

My father then took me in his inexperienced arm,

And promised to me there'd never be harm.

And with a protective and loving gaze in his eye,

He marveled at how I moved and breathed my first cry.

I'm sure it was then that he came to know

Just how much a man's love could grow.

A father's love is unique indeed,

One of which very little exceed.

But a love of a daughter is not far behind.

My love for my father is always on my mind.

The things that I know because of him

Aren't how to walk or run or swim,

But how to love with never ending emotion,

And how to show people the kindest devotion.

My father works hard and he's taught me how

You never give up 'til there's sweat on your brow.

And although time passes and babies grow old,

I'll make sure your greatness is never untold.

I'll take these lessons and hold them so dear;

And for you, Dad, I'll always be near.

I may no longer be that infant in curls,

But I'll always be my daddy's little girl.

My father has taught me the importance of choices.

The good ones, the bad ones, and the loudness of our voices.

The shout to the world who we are, and we're not ashamed.

But to keep in mind that sometimes the heroes go unnamed.

My father is one of those heroes of the world

Who's story may not one day be unfurled,

But I'll make it my job to show all that I can...

How dearly I love this wonderful man.

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