February 28, 2008
By Crestley Jones, Elk City, KS

Orange seeps through as the day breaks
Foreshadowing what happiness shall make
Orange signifies glee, happiness, and smile
My emotions are at sync, but only for a while

Orange fades to yellow as the sun rises
Meaning new hope, options, no minimizes
Rings in a new day, new start, new thought
Yellow exudes tranquil, no problems yet sought

The sky fades to blue as the day progresses
Men busy in their suits and stressed women in dresses
Blue becomes heavy as the workday diminishes
Shops close, people run to their finishes

The sun sets and sky yields red
Families gather and dinner is fed
Time is valued and stories are shared
The moon arrives for night-light, proving it cared

Darkness swarms the sky, colors mixed to gray
Dreams are in action, it’s the end of the day
The colors are at rest, as are the people
Light slowly breaks, hardly seen from a steeple

Alarms explode and dreams are ended
Yawns are formed with energy intended
Life awakes, and their days begin
Orange shines through, soon fading to yellow yet again

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