Faith, Courage, and Love

May 30, 2011
By , Sandy, UT
The best qualities of you and me
No one can physically see
It doesn’t show in appearance
It all relies on adherence

We all need something
Courage is that thing
Without it
We wouldn’t be able to accomplish
Anything we really wanted
We’d all be standing in fear
Not able to stand up to things so dear
We couldn’t be human without it
Friends would be abused
No one would be accused
World full of wrong

Faith is the feeling
In our hearts for healing
For our family so dear
Or maybe on Christmas
Wishing for presents
We’ve a wanted all year
No faith
Means no one saith
The truth
No hope in our hearts

Love is impossible to explain
No one complains
For everyone has a different definition
Maybe to some it’s a proposition
To be together forever
To become a family altogether

We couldn’t be Human
If there was no Faith, Courage, and Love

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