The Need of Life

May 29, 2011
By , St. Louis, MO
There are expectations that need to be met,
Secrets so dear that need to be kept.
Lies so mysterious and painful that need to be hidden,
Thought that just need to be written.
A heartless body that needs to find a soul,
And a broken heart that needs to become whole.
A mourner that needs a shoulder to cry,
Tears that need to be wiped dry.
Torture that needs to be endured,
Violence that needs to be called absurd.
Dreams that need to come true,
So many walls that need to break through.
Stories that need to be told,
Depressed and lonely that need a hand to hold.
Family and friends that need to be reunited,
Extinguish all those fires that thought needed to be ignited.
Tragedies that need to be fixed,
Tired lifeless smiles that by the sun need to be kissed.
Grey skies that need to turn blue,
A wondering mind that needs to stop going askew.
Life is going on, we need time to slow down for our own sake,
Because living is hard to do and sometimes we just need to take a break.

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