Taken Nothing

May 29, 2011
Trust has always been a four-letter word within my life,
Lying between the backstabs when all the happiness and laughs die.
And now you're asking me to give you more.
I dig deep for what you're asking for.
What I salvage I swear you can take.
Looks like that ship already sank
And I find nothing.

They bled the trust right out of me,
Beat and bruised and shattered me,
But worst of all so did I
The way I let all of my dreams die.
Now I have nothing.

Never in my life have I seen love that lasts forever.
Seems the heart can change its mind more than Colorado weather.
And people throw away that word as a companion for their virtues.
I told her, "Think before you go to bed;
He's only going to hurt you."
And I'll admit I've let it slip before,
That word young girls are dying for,
The phrase I dread to hear now
Because lovers always let me down
Until I have nothing.

Mama took my love and ran away.
I saw his heart earn a hospital stay.
But worst of all, I promised love to them
And now my heart is caving in.
They gave me nothing.

So far, you've never promised me
And I find that the most comforting,
The way you never try to steal my trust,
But earn it sweeping away pain's dust.
And you've never whispered love to me,
But reminders that you'll think of me.
And in that tone of voice I know it's true.
You could say I'm falling hard for you.
You've taken nothing...

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