June 6, 2011
When all else fails me, the sunshine warms my face.
When the world is dark and cold, the sunshine takes its place.

When loved ones pass, the sun doesn’t cease to rise.
When reasons are unclear, the sun shines before my eyes.

When all else is lost, one thing can always be found.
The sun will always rise, though it will never make a sound.

Different from the birds in the trees, who warble their peaceful song,
The sun will only light the day when it seems so dark and long.

The sunshine means new life when other lives are done.
It will always be up overhead if you decide to run.

On a gloomy day when the sun is hidden somewhere in the sky,
I know that it is there, so my spirits are set high.

When it lies under the ridge silhouetting a beautiful scene,
I feel at peace, and calm; in love, and so serene.

When alone in my room as I try to sleep, the sun reflects on the moon.
There’s always light in a dark, dark night.
Better days are coming soon.

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