I knew Then

June 2, 2011
I knew then
With each tear I shed, you helped stop the bleeding.
With each stone that hit me, you healed my bruises.
With each fight I was in, you stopped the scaring.
With each inch of me I’d cry, because I felt like I’d soon die.
With each fake smile I made, you would make it real.
With each painful memory, you picked up the pieces.
With each gone, I went along lifeless, breathless, and hopeless.
With looking back, I saw sorrow, regret, and unforgiving bliss.
With each step I took to the past, it all disappeared.
With each question I had, things changed and you appeared.
With each sigh, you stepped aside.
With the end near, you looked at me, hugged me.
With that you gave me something, you handed me a perfect heart, unwounded.
With a suspicious look, I looked at my chest.
With a glance at yours, I saw your heart, tattered and torn.
“Is that mine?”
With a shake of your head…no, you said,
“Every bad choice you made, it broke my heart.”
With each word you spoke, I realized I hurt you,
You healed my heart made sure it never was in pain,
You warmed it, loved it, and kept it safe from the rain.
While your own perished for the choices I made.
With your last word, I kissed you, and your heart was somehow fixed.
With our last breath, we always smile,

Hand in hand, heart and heart.
Not a tear in sight, within our eyes.
I knew then, the day we met, that I loved you, so.

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